Mar 17, 2013

How to Maintain Your Computer

Here's a handy guide on how to maintain your computer, which is designed for beginners.

When you browse the Internet, you are bombarded with pop-ups? Is your computer stops working for no reason? Is your PC slower than before? Before starting your computer screen through the nearest window, there are quick and easy solutions to solve all these problems.

There are two main ways of maintaining reasonable performance with your computer. Firstly, you must purchase and use software that will help you to clean and protect your computer. Then you must know how to use the applications already in your computer to keep the overall functioning of your PC.

The following software will not cost you anything, they can be downloaded online for free.

1. For protection against viruses, Avast Antivirus is excellent free software to protect against Trojan horses, worms and viruses.

2. Software Spybot is free and allows you to eliminate pop-ups and other spyware in your computer. It is recommended to use at least once a week.

3. Registry cleaners such as Optimizer WinASO are very good to repair the registry on your computer. The free version allows you to clean or repair ten items at a time.

4. There are programs to increase the speed of Internet browsing. To do this, type RamBooster software will give you the best performance you are entitled.

Another option for those who can no longer put their computer on the right path is System Restore. This allows you to return to a previous state when your computer worked perfectly. Unfortunately, this function does not succeed all the time. So, use it if you cannot find another solution to revive your computer.

All the Best!