Feb 23, 2013

Why Do I Need a Computer?

Why Do I Need a Computer - by DuToit Kleyngeld

As I`m sitting here and looking at my computer,I started thinking.Why do I need this device? How would my life be without this machine. It is only hardware and software which still needs my input or command like, for example, clicking a mouse, to work. Who is in charge? Me or the machine? And so I wondered how many people is thinking the same thing? So....ironically I went on to google.com to find out.

Reading through some articles that people wrote it became clear that the thought of who is in charge is the wrong way to think about it. We are living in an age where technology is getting faster and smarter by the day, which is only possible by working side by side with computers.

In today`s day and age it became a part of life to own a cellphone and computer. It has really turned from luxury to necessity over the past few years. No business can function successfully anymore with only pen and paper. Devices like cellphones and computers has become our electronic friends that is working side by side with us to drive us forward to new heights taking most of the load that we had to bear with in the past.
On the social side of life the internet has connected people together making it easy to make friends and talk to them over great distances. Social chat sites is a big part of life for today`s young people and it keeps them up to date with what`s happening in the world. Everywhere young people are encouraging their elderly family members to get interested in modern day methods of communication, because they would like their parents and grandparents to be a part of the age they live in, and that means connecting over the internet.
Over one and a half billion people are using the internet today and it is nearly impossible to imagine life without the convenience of the Internet. We wouldn't be able to do much research without computers and we wouldn't have much ways to communicate. Computers are very accurate and research in important fields such as weather forecasting and modern day science would be impossible without the assistance of the computer.
To get a new computer, cellphone or any digital electronic device (or even software) can be a time consuming event if you do not know where to look. Running around between shops and comparing products and prices takes a lot time. Therefor online stores is probably the best and a easy way to look for digital electronic devices.
Online stores shows all the info you need on a device and there is plenty to choose from between makes, models and price. let`s face the facts. These days price is an important factor when buying anything and that is what makes online stores convenient. The price is normally next to the product and that makes it easy to find what you are looking for within you budget.
So now I am still sitting here and my thoughts has changed from 'why do I need this?' to 'let me upgrade this'. Amazing how times has really changed over the past few years.