Mar 14, 2013

Traffic Building with Social Network


Traffic Building with Social Network

Social media platforms and search engines:

It is now known that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, etc. have a positive impact on the search engines. Thus, social networks for link building and search engine positioning are becoming increasingly important. Because search engines evaluate websites is often better when linked to this or if content should be considered positive. This is an organic backlink structure.

Thus the corresponding website increases due to such a link structure in the rankings of search engines. Since the search engines evaluate these activities become more and more on social networks and read this in the search engine rankings with feed, it will be for bloggers and website owner’s increasingly important presence on these social media platforms.

The major social networks:

Facebook - The absolute number 1 social networking. Here you can post not only your private content and your friends to share in your life, but fan pages build, create groups or integrate your website and thus present your business or advertise your products.

YouTube - YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms in general. Here you can upload video files, post comments and rate videos. But it can also video feeds are posted on blogs or linked. Especially for companies that video platform is very interesting because you can upload here Image Films, screen casts or other videos easily.

Xing - A great platform is designed for business contacts. Here you can network with colleagues, managers, senior executives, professionals or business partners. Furthermore, one can manage their contacts and make a network of contacts visible to others. True to the motto: Everyone knows everyone!

Twitter - is where you can share all kinds of information with the whole world. It can be private things, recommendations, interesting links, opinions or their own or other products. This platform provides immense benefits specifically for bloggers. Because here one can make its products in seconds available to other bloggers or even read a very interesting article. The beautiful with twitter is that you do not have to sit for hours at the computer to write your posts. There are fantastic professional tools to relieve this work and allow you to automate the entire twitter marketing process.

 All the best with traffic building!