Mar 23, 2013

How to Choose The Right One When You Have to Buy The Laptops

  The Right One When You Have to Buy The Laptops

 Where do I begin

If you decide to buy a laptop, it makes for computing power to take with him. The choice can be problematic because of significant technical characteristics to be taken into consideration in relation to the price.
The first things to consider are:

 • Screen Size
 • Activities to be carried out with the machine
 • scale of expenditure

Screen,activities, and price

The typical size of the diagonal of the screen are 15 or 17 inches around (one inch = 2.54 cm). The fact that the actual figures are 15.4 and 17.3 does not change the conditions of the question.

The vast majority of laptop screens has sold just over 15 inches. A larger screen is useful if you open multiple windows together. The disadvantages are greater size, weight, power consumption and cost.

What do you with a computer is not just the type of car to buy. To simplify, we can share the predominant activities in three categories:

• Use the Internet (browsing, e) and management of documents (text, spreadsheets, and presentations)
• In addition to the above, watching movies, listening to music easy management of graphics applications;
• Additionally processed audio video, games, technical design, application development.

The three types of loan portable input range, medium and high, whose prices rise are allocated accordingly.

Organizing for purchase

A practical method for deciding which computer to buy is to compare the information obtained from multiple vendors, including availability. The market, in fact, suggests continuous news and offers, often beneficial, not long.

Operationally, you can create a table in which for a given screen size, shows in every line:

• Make and model of the computer
• Processor
• OS
• Graphics card
• Hard
• Doors and other devices
• Provider
• Price

After filling the boxes with data from written documents, it is easier to compare and choose.


Some of the data in the table are fixed and need to buy, even though they still influence the choice: make and model, name of the supplier and price. For example you could a supplier because the. Geographically closest or more reliable than others Those who want to buy products from a particular brand, then it does, if the information on the rating plate on the computer less attractive than those offered by other manufacturers. About the hardware, but the game of the comparison of "objective" between the different values.

Hardware token

Would be quite difficult in a few lines to explain the properties of the different components of a computer. To ensure a good purchase, but is enough to make valid assessments in principle with data on laptops for sale in the last quarter of 2010.

The processors are manufactured by Intel and AMD. Both develop advanced technologies in the creation of a number of components by specific symbols. To get an idea of ​​the "power" of a processor than others, visit web pages up to date with the results of groups of technical tests (benchmarks), which they are exposed. You can search the Internet using keywords such as "CPU benchmark" into a search engine.

With regard to the RAM, which have a lower cost portable 3 GB. Those mid-range have 4, while the most valuable and may have six or eight GB.

Other features that "price" for the RAM, the speed of data transmission on the bus of the motherboard (type: 800, 1066 and 1333 MHz) and latency. Not always, but clearly stated in the specifications.

The operating system installed more common in laptops at the end of 2010, Windows 7Home Premium, 32 or 64 bits. Only some providers, you can install Linux.

A 32-bit operating system cannot be more than 3.2 GB of RAM, so it is best to machine with 6/8 GB RAM buy only when installed in the 64-bit version. The graphics card can be shared memory (in RAM) to save most of them, between 256 and 512 MB up to 1 GB of dedicated memory.

In less expensive computers, reached the capacity of 320 GB hard drives. In the mid-range is about 500/640 GB, can achieve while in high 1TB.

Element "limit"

is essential to have a laptop with a Bluetooth port, a FireWire port, built-in webcam The number of USB ports is enough? The drive for optical media handles CD and DVD or even Blu-ray (high-end)?

Some laptops come standard drives read and write memory cards in digital cameras and smartphones are used. Almost everyone has an RJ-45. For connection to a wired network and Wi-Fi to wireless networks

The significance of the presence or absence of ports and devices of various kinds, which the user can not be evaluated.

As a final advice for buying a laptop, you should have a solid carrying case. After a padded accordingly, contain able, documents, pens and wiring, avoid any shock to the unit and forget about important accessories.